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Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration? How do I register?

Registration usually starts in March and age groups start filling up in late July. Clinic and U8 (6-7 yr olds) usually close in mid-late August. Registration is completely online here at jarrettsvillesoccer.com.

If you are new to registration, here's generally how it works.

  • Create a login. Click the login button, then click the link to "Create a New Account"
  • Enter your info, then click "Add User" at the bottom
  • Now using that user/pass you just created, verify that it works through the login screen. Then save it somewhere so you don't lose it.
  • From the home screen and now that you are logged in, click on the link in the Fall Registration is Now Open news headline
  • Read the policies you are agreeing to then click the "Add a New Player" link
  • After entering your childs info and clicking the "Create" button it will return you to the registration screen and give you a player added note to show it worked
  • Scroll down that screen and click the button that says "Sign Up Sam" or whatever your childs first name is.
  • Now the registration is done
  • To pay, scroll down a little further in the page and you'll see the options for PayPal, Credit/Debit or Check.
  • The credit card payment will take you to a page with secure payment receipt, click the "Complete Registration" page and that will mark your payment in our system. If you forget that step I will errantly ask you to pay later on.

How much does it cost?

Clinic (4 and 5 yr olds) is $70

U8 (6 yrs old and up) and older is $90

What is the schedule like for practice and games?

Generally, practices are 1 day a week starting anytime after Aug 1 (county rule) and whenever the head volunteer coach can get started. Practice times are usually 60-90 minute windows chosen by the coach depending on how much daylight we have. Many coaches start later in the evening in August but when the sun starts going down sooner, they have to nudge it forward. Just as a heads up, some of the coaches may want to do 2 practices a week. It's rare for clinic and U8 and more common for the older players.

Games for U8 and Clinic are in-house, meaning we do them at Rutledge Park exclusively and North Harford teams join in with us. They generally start between 8AM and Noon and last an hour. For the U9-U16 age groups we play in a rec league that schedules games in northern Harford County on Saturdays as well. Games can be as early as 8AM and as late as 3:15 for a start time. We usually get schedules in mid/late August so you can plan out your Fall.

How are teams formed?

Clinic (4-5 yr olds) - Generally we get approximately 72 kids each season so we make it 6 x 12 player teams. For team selection we want fair teams on paper so we try to balance the number of 4 yr olds vs 5 yr olds and the number of boys vs. girls. Beyond that, we try to group them by school in as much as the information is accurate on the registration. It doesn't always work out perfectly but it's worked out quite well over the last 15 years.

U8 Boys and Girls - Boys and girls are separated at this age as the boys gain strength and aggression so it's mostly a safety thing. There are 6 and 7 year olds. We try to balance the ages and also try to group them by school if possible.

U9 Boys and Girls - Boys and girls are still separated at this age but the league allows mixed teams though very rare for that to happen. At Jarrettsville we generally have 1 team per age/gender with the occasional two teams in an age/gender division. For those cases, we ask the coaches to hash out a fairly even distribution of talent based on their experience with the kids.

I'd like to request _________?

Feedback on the program is always welcome, but accommodating personal requests en masse is not possible. Here are the two circumstances where accommodations are made. Volunteer as a coach or pair up with a friend and do it together. Your kids can play on the same team and you can have a practice night that wedges in with everything else going on. Impossible situations do exist and I want kids to play. If you have an impossible situation, reach out to Erik (contact on the home page).